Experience the DineRite Difference

Making Cooking a Pleasure Since 1984

Deliver Beautiful Meals in Minutes

Cook 7 vegetables in 7 minutes with DineRite!

Enjoy the Benefits of our Scientifically Designed Cookware


DineRite's revolutionary cooking technique will save you time, money and energy whilst delivering faster, healthier and tastier food.

With our premium surgical stainless steel and 5-ply construction, valuable vitamins and flavours are locked in a semi vacuum, not boiled away! Using just only a few tablespoons of water, no oils or fats are needed.


Designed Around The 4 Most Important Things in the Kitchen

Easy to clean & Dishwasher Safe

Compact and versatile

Cook with your health in mind

Lasts a lifetime

With our 20 year guarantee, your system is designed to last a lifetime!

The robust 5-ply construction and thick core gives you even heat distribution eliminating hot spots and it works with gas, electric, or induction stovetops.

Retain more nutrients. Because you're cooking on a lower heat, without oils or fats, the food retains more nutritional content - you're eating healthier just by using this cookware.

Save money! Not only does the 20-year guarantee mean you can buy once for life, but because the DineRite cooking method uses less heat, you get significant savings on gas or electricity!


Works on all Stovetops

Don't just take our word for it!

See what our customers have to say about the DineRite cooking system

"Use it in the oven, use it on the stovetop, best investment I've ever made."

Helene, Brisbane

Has owned DineRite for over 10 years

"A beautiful set, well worth every cent you pay for. Buy the knives too! It's exceptional cookware"

Brendon, Rockhampton

Has owned DineRite for over 22 years

"It still looks as great as the day I bought it. I use it at least 5 times a week."

Deanne, Cairns

Has owned DineRite for over 25 years


TOTAL VALUE $685 NOW $390!


A family owned Australian company

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