Are you cooking your vegetables the right way (in other words the Dinerite way)?

April 5th, 2020

How to correctly cook your vegetables!

Do you often find yourself coming home from work really eager to cook a healthy meal, but in exhaustion (or laziness) end up ordering takeaway? Perhaps the thought of cooking a healthy meal does your head in because you despise washing up multiple pots. Well cooking vegetables and a balanced meal doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. What if we told you that you can cook multiple vegetables in one piece of cookware whilst maintaining all the flavour and nutrients! Using our Dinerite Induction piece, you cook all your veggies at once, with just a few tablespoons of water! Below we will show you the correct and best way to cook your veggies. You will just love the flavour and the Kids will too !!! You will want to eat more !

Firstly begin by chopping all your beautiful colourful vegetables. Potato, corn, onion, broccoli, any vegetables you prefer to accompany your dish can be used in our DineRite induction cooking system. Grabbing your 2Litre piece, add four tablespoons of water in the bottom and start placing your harder vegetables first, like the potato, carrot and corn. Then place the softer vegetables on top, such as onion, zucchini and broccoli, don’t worry your vegetables won’t lose their shape or mix their flavours. This is because there isn’t enough water to toss the vegetables around or transfer flavour between one another. Being able to put all your vegetables in one piece, makes the cooking so much easier and more enjoyable.

Once that is done, place the cover on and cook on medium to high heat for a few minutes. After a few minutes the water at the bottom is going to steam and the hot air expands coming through the vent and causing a whistle sound. When your DineRite begins to whistle, it’s time to close the vent and turn the heat down to low. The air then cools and the water forms a seal , no air can get in and there is no water to bubble and spill over the stove! Your vegetables are now sealed and you can walk away to do something else (perfect for those who multitask). In about 6-10 minutes you will have some beautifully cooked vegetables.

Once you vegetables are done not only will they be cooked to perfection, but they will be juicy, full of colour and have retained their vitamins and minerals. Not only that but you will only have one piece to wash up, how fantastic!  


Written by Tracey Cunningham


Thank you!