Cooking Rice & Pasta

Cooking Rice

Choose the desired pan and add one and a half cups of cold water for each cup of rice into the bare pan. Cover with the control open and place on a medium to high heat. When the control sounds, close control and turn the temperature to the lowest possible heat setting.

For 1 cup of white rice or less turn the element completely off for 10-15 minutes. There will be no need to drain. For more than one cup follow the timing chart for the absorption cooking method on the pack. Times will vary depending up the rice.

Cooking Pasta

Fill the pasta cooker or desired sized pan approximately three quarters full with water. Place the pan with the cover on a high heat with the control open. When whistle sounds remove cover. Make sure the water is at a rolling boil and add pasta. Cook uncovered to desired tenderness or as per package instructions. Drain by removing pasta cooker insert or turning pasta into a colander.