Cooking Vegetables Waterless


  1. Select the correct size pan. The piece you choose should be approximately two thirds full. Place vegetables into the cold pan with the hardest vegetables on the bottom and softer ones on top. Add approximately 4 tablespoons of water. Make sure the cover fits snugly and that you haven't over filled the utensil.
  2. Cover the temperature control open. Place the pan on a medium to high heat. When the whistle sounds continuously, close the control and turn the temperature down to a low heat setting. For gas this will be just the blue dots. After 2 or 3 minutes should the cover be sputtering, it may be necessary to move the pan half way off the element. Cook to desired taste or as per recipe. It will be necessary to repeat the process from step 2 if you break the seal and find the food needs more cooking.

Timing: Hard vegetables will need approximately 5-10 minutes (after whistle). An average pan full of mixed vegetables cooked to tenderness should be left for this amount of time. If you prefer them crisp please allow approximately 5-10 minutes after the whistle. It may take a few attempts to work out the correct temperature settings.

Frozen Vegetables: Place frozen vegetables into a cold bare pan. There is no need to rinse or thaw vegetables. Follow the instructions above from step 2.