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The ultimate System for all of your family's cooking needs!

This set is not only a set of saucepans and fry pans that can be used on any cooking surface, it's also ovenproof and all pieces presentable to the table. The pieces also fit together to convert the set into steamers, cake tins, serving dishes, casserole dishes, baking dishes, range top roasters, egg poachers, double boilers and slow cookers.

This set consists of a 2 ltr (18 cm) and cover, Small Skillet (20 cm) and cover, a double boiler insert, 3ltr (20cm) and cover, Large Skillet (28 cm) and cover, 7 ltr (28 cm), Stock pot and cover, 4 ltr (24cm) Stock pot and cover, Steamer tray ( 28 cm) and 6 egg poaching cups.


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